About Us

The Asian Institute of Human Science & Development is a non profit Organization established in Uttar Pradesh under the “Societies Registration Act 1860” as No. 1317/13/8935 of 2003. Its central office is at Lucknow and area of operation is the Indian Territory including other nations of the Asian continent and world . The core group of the Institute includes dedicated persons with long and varied experience of various disciplines of Human Sciences. They have a great degree of motivation and commitment to the study of Human Species in all its dimensions and shades. They have been concerned with Human learning researches; teaching and training in India and have a commitment to improve the situation by providing a help line. The Institute’s personnel’s have a high degree of initiative and obligation in their involvement and are ready to work at the grass- root level under difficult circumstances. As an Institution, character, quick in response and compassionate in approach. The Institute undertakes studies on various aspects of Rural, Urban Development and the areas including the Panchayati Raj Institutions as envisaged in the 73rd amendment and others of the Constitution as well as the aspects of tribal and rural sectors, issues pertained to anthropology, forensic science, public health, entrepreneurship, physical growth and development, women studies, human ecology, global harmony etc. Along with working on its sacred passion to impart quality academic and vocational knowledge, it is also consistently striving to open up ever newer visit as of interdisciplinary and multi disciplinary studies on population control environment balance, pollution control, health care, nutrition bio-mass energies, and science and technology. It’s also passionate to promote social cultural and political harmony in the nations of Asian continent and to find out the common cause of all these nations which are leading the ethos of human species of the world.

Our organization, which was established in 1996 at Lucknow and later registered in 2003, has sole mission to run the community development and participatory programmes by providing a forum for discussion on Human Science resources and development in India. The dedicated scholars and volunteers have a varied experience of various branches of Human Science. They have great degree of dedication and commitment to the study of humankinds of all time and space particularly India and Asian Continent which made the organization successfully established. Its major researches as well as action projects solely conducted by its officials are on: Health , Hygiene and Environment Awareness, Campaign for Safe Drinking Water, Availability and Future possibilities: problem and prospects of working women in societies, Rural and tribal Development and people participations, Explorations of new school days in Urban slum and weaker classes, AIDS and its impacts in Indian Societies, Increasing support base of household economy in rural Awadh, Career counselling and upliftment of youth, Child Development and Women Development Programmes (stitching, embroidery, painting etc), Save Humanity Movement, Uses and Abuses of Drinking and Drugs etc. It’s trying hard to accomplish the basic mission by undertaking studies of various aspects of rural and urban communities, including the Panchayati Raj Institutions as well as the aspects of Human Ecology, global harmony, paternity and co-operations. Along with these, on working with several missions to impart quality academic and vocational knowledge, it is also consistently opening up ever newer interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary visit in the village on population control issues, environmental balance, health care and family welfare, nutrition, biomass energy and science & technology. It is also passionate to promote social-cultural, political harmony and women empowerment with the sprit which has been given in Indian Constitution. Apart from above achievements, the institute compiles and publishes the collected and analyzed data through its Newsletters, Booklets and Journals. Till date, the organization has published 27 books/booklets and two International Journal. The Institute’s personnel have a high degree of initiative and obligations in their environment and are ready to work at the grass root level even under difficult circumstances. As an Institution, AIHSD has flexibility in its operation, participatory in character, quick in response and compensate in its approach.

Our goals:

The aims and objectives of the Institute shall be:
  1. To find out the truth of Human Life through conducting researches on various aspects of Human Species in India, Asia and world.
  2. To impart education to children and youth (normal, disables and orphans) through new ways, methods and Models developed by the Institute itself for making them a better citizen in the society of mankind.
  3. To promote collaborative scientific research programmes in Asian continent related with social- cultural, biological, developmental, archaeological, palaeo-ontological and environmental aspects of Human being.
  4. To promote exchange and diffusion of informative ideas of ‘Human Science’ – Anthropology.
  5. To provide a forum for discussion on Human Science, resource and development in India and Asia though Seminar, Symposia, Workshop, Conference etc.
  6. To Collect, Compile and publish materials, pertaining to the Science, technology, development and resources of mankind.
  7. To bring, Science together with Society: Human technology together with Nature, & Man together with other animals.
  8. To run Community, Development and Participatory Programmes by establishing Schools, Libraries, Career and Counseling Centers, Orphan homes, Crutches etc.
  9. To launch awareness programs on literacy, population control, pollution control, environmental balance, saving of conventional and non conventional energies, national integration, social solidarity, global harmony- fraternity and cooperation, human rights, eradication of social evils, moral ethical and character building, intellectual development and eradication of epidemics.
  10. To help and to coordinate in implementation of governmental and foreign agency’s schemes and plans pertaining to development, science and technology, social forestry, health care and family welfare, maternal and child health and nutrition, community health, water supply, sanitation, and hygiene, welfare of scheduled tribe, caste, backward and deprived people, and to secure and manage funds and other financial resources for the promotion of the cause of the institute and its objectives.

Our Additional Wings

  1. Continental and Regional Forums :
    1. Northern Asian Forum of Human Science & Development
    2. North Western Asian Fourm of Human Science & Development
    3. Eastern Asian Forum of Human Science & Development
    4. Southern Asian Forum of Human Science & Development
    5. South East Asian Forum of Human Science & Development
  2. Prof. Gopal Saran Memorial Library :
    1. Prof. R.P. Srivasatava Collection
    2. Prof. Udai Pratap Singh Collection
    3. General Collection
  3. Press And Electronic Media :
    1. Dr. Vibha Bajpai
  4. Research and Publication :
    1. Dr. Gaurav Mishra

Contact Details

  • Prof. Udai Pratap Singh
  • Mobile: +91 7007766708

The Founder

  • The Asia Institute Of Human science & Development was founded by Dr. Udai Pratap Singh, Professor and former Head of Anthropology Department University of Lucknow in 1995 . Initially the working office of AIHSD was at Bakshi Ka Talab. Professor Kuwar C.P Singh ( Bharat Bharti Awardee ) was mode first president and Late Shree Digpal Singh , the Social workers & Vikarmpur Village former pradhan Sitapur) was nominated as vice president. There after the work place Changed and brought in main city of Lucknow.
  • Prof. Udai Pratap Singh Started working it as Honorary Director when its office was at Bakshi Ka Talab.
  • Awarded for “Shikshak Shree” - a prestigious State Government Award given by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2014 at Lucknow.
  • In 2007 Prof. Singh lunched An International Journal The Asian Man and also become Editor of Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology & Human Genetics.
  • Has been Director & Coordinator of Forensic Science Program run in the Department of Anthropology, Lucknow University.
  • Published 25 books on Human Ecology, Human Genetics, Biological Anthropology and on Tribal Health and conducted 5 major and minor Research Projects and 15 Action Projects among tribal, rural and urban areas of several states in India.
  • Published 107 research papers/articles in various National and International journals and presented several research papers in various seminars/conferences/symposia etc.
  • Till date guided more than 16 Ph.D students, 145 M.Phil. & M.A/M.Sc. students for their Dissertation work.
  • He won “Outstanding Scientist Award” given in International Conference organized in Chennai India in 2019.
  • He was declared the “best professor of anthropology’’ and best academician in 2022. Honored as “Bharat Gaurav” – prestigious award given by ‘Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh’ Former Governor of Tamil Nadu and Assam in 2016 at India International Convention Centre, New Delhi.
  • He is Active Member of several academic/research organizations (National & International) like International union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), American Anthropological Association, World Anthropological Association, Indian National Confederation of Anthropological Associations (INCAA), Ethnographic and Folk culture Society (EFCS), Indian Anthropological Society (IAS), Indian Academy of Anthropological Research and Training, Lucknow University Anthropological Alumni Association, etc.

Governing Council:

Our Past patron:

Late. Prof Gopal Saran
A stall ward teacher Researcher and Professor of Anthropology who had done his doctoral and research
from Harvard University U.S.A .under the supervision of Cora DU Bois. In nineteen sixteen’s. photo

He had been professor and Head department of anthropology Lucknow University. And Dean Student’s welfare and stall word teacher and researcher
on the field of anthropology.
Late Prof. Banveer Singh

Prof: BRK Shukla
A great Researcher and Author in field anthropology and former professor and head department of anthropology Lucknow University. He is chief editor of Indian journal of physical anthropology and human genetics. And has been journal secretary of ethnographic folk cultural society form 1972 to 1995.

Prof. Balraj Chauhan (Our Current Patron)
  1. Former vice Chancellor of Ram Manohar Lohia Law University Lucknow, National Law University Bhopal & National Dharmshastra University Jabalpur, and M.P.
  2. Director, Amity University. Noida campus.
  3. Former professor, Head and Dean Faculty of Law University of Lucknow.

Our President:

Past President:

  1. Late Prof. Chandra Prakash Singh, former vice chancellor of Jodhpur University. (Bharat Bharati Awardees)
  2. Late Shree Digpal Singh, Renowned Social Work.
  3. • Prof. Indu Sahai, former Head, Department of Anthropology University of Lucknow.

Nawab Jafar Meer Abdullah (Yash Bharti Awardee) President
  1. President of AIHSD, Lucknow and also the President at Imamia Educational Trust and Patron, Drishya Bharti, a Socio, Cultural and Literary Organization.
  2. Life member (INTACH) Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
  3. Member Advisory body (I.C.C.R) Indian Council for Cultural Relations.Represented India for his Costumes Collection in Riyad, Saudi Arabia 2002 and received Yash Bharti Award in 2006.

  1. Presently working as Head Department of Anthropology, Vidyant Hindu P.G.College, Lucknow.
  2. State President, Asian Forum U.P. (India) and executive councilor of AIHSD..
  3. • Asstt. Director of AIHSD and Chair Person has been Mahanagar Addhyksha in A.B.V.P. Mahanagar Unit, Lucknow and Author of four books and several research papers of national and international repute.
Dr. Neetu Singh(Vice President)

Dr. M.P. Goutam (Ph.D) (Vice President)
  1. Professor at Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (A Central University) in the department of Forensic Science and Vice President of AIHSD Lucknow.
  2. Union Home Minister’s Award for Excellence services in Forensic Science (2004).
  3. • Director Excellence Award, Ministry of Home Affairs,Govt. of India(2005) and Life Time Achievement Award, IAFSc, Kolkata and Retired as Director from State Forensic Laboratory, Raipur (Chhattisgarh).

  1. Additional director of Human Science & development Lucknow .
  2. He has been former director of State forensic Science laboratory Lucknow.
  3. He is renowmed forensic scientist in the State & India and he has served as chief of the State forensic Science in other state( Bihar) too . .
Dr. S.B. Upadhayay (Additional Director)

Dr. Gaurav Mishra (Assistant Director)
  1. Faculty Member in P.G. Forensic Science Program, department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow.
  2. Working active faculty member in department of Forensic Science and Criminology, AIHSD.
  3. Author of several research papers published in the journals of national and international repute And Editorial Assistant in the ‘The Asian Man- an International Journal’

  1. He has done master of business administration from IBS Hyderabad.
  2. She had self as assistant manager in S.P.R constriction Pvt. Ltd .as Deputy Manager.
  3. XaNadu reality Pvt. Ltd. Serve as deputy manager and currently serving as manager in Purvankra Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.
Mrs. Priyamvada Singh (Assistant Director)

Dr. Ranjeet Singh (Finance officer)
  1. Dr Singh is an associate professor of applied economics in Lucknow University.
  2. He served in chaudhari Charan singh meerut university as associate professor in the institute of management sciences.
  3. He has several remarkable publications to his credit.

Executive members-

  1. Works as Associate Professor and Head in department of Anthropology at Nari Shiksha Niketan P.G.College , Lucknow.
  2. President of Association of Academic people society and Academic association of people of Social Sciences and Vice –President of Santosha Devi Memorial Society.
  3. Founding Member of Indian National Confederacy and Academy of Anthropologist (INCAA) and General Secretary of Manav Kalyan EvamVigyan Prasar Sansthan.
Dr. Vibha Agnihotri

Dr. Geetika Ranjan
  1. Professor in the Department of Anthropology, NEHU, Shillong India.
  2. Author of 5 books in the field of socio cultural anthropology and Executive Member of AIHSD, Lucknow.
  3. Published several research papers in national and international journals. Awardee of several national fellowships sponsored by UGC, ICSSR and other national and international academic agencies.

  1. Head of the department of psychology in there Gov. P.G. colleges of Lucknow University from 2002 upto 2017.
  2. Had been Principals of the D.D.U Govt. P.G. College, Sitapur and other government degree colleges in U.P.
  3. Specializes in Psychological counselling and HOD of Child Development and Women Training and Author of several articles and papers published in the national and international journals..
Dr. Nalini Shrotriya

Dr. Gyanendra Trivedi.
  1. He is retired senior scientist from Birbal Sahni institute of Palaeobotany.
  2. He has central research project done to his credits in the field of Palaeobotanical and Geological areas.
  3. He has published research paper in journal of national and international reports

  1. He is professor in the department of Political Science University of Lucknow.
  2. He has published several research papers in Journal of national And International.
  3. He has been nominated as executive counselor of Lucknow University and AIHSD Lucknow.
Prof. Kavi Raj Singh

Ex officio - members

Mrs. Anita Singh
  1. Worked as Principal in Adarsh Montessori Inter College, Sitapur road Lucknow and taught Social Sciences in Laurence Homans Public School, Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow.
  2. Worked as Treasurer in Asian Institute of Human Science and Development.
  3. Successfully tendered her services as HOD of Child Development and Women Training, AIHSD, Lucknow & Currently Librarian at Gopala Saran Memorial Library, AIHSD, Lucknow

  1. Counselor and HOD of Child Development and Woman Training AIHSD from 2019 onward.
  2. Worked as Faculty Member in Department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow and in MA/M.sc in Forensic Science program of University of Lucknow.
  3. Worked as Faculty Member in Certificate Courses on Forensic Science and criminology at AIHSD, Lucknow.
Dr. Neetika Srivastava

Dr. Anoop kr. Bajpai
  1. HOD in the department of Public Health and Environment, AIHSD Lucknow.
  2. Author of several popular articles in the fields of dental sciences and anthropology.
  3. Renowned dentist and owner of two dental clinics at Lucknow and successfully worked with AIHSD as Treasurer form 2018- 2022.

  1. Faculty Member in department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow from 2016-2019.
  2. Author of several research papers published in the journals of national and international repute.
  3. HOD of the Department of Tribal studies And Rural Technology AIHSD and In charge of the wing of Electronic and Press Media, AIHSD, Lucknow and currently working as coordinator in IHAFT.
Dr.Vibha Bajpai
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