Books and Booklet

List of Publications

  1. ERPB-01: Oraons of Ranchi-Udai Pratap Singh. Page 163, Price Rs. 250/-
  2. ERPB-02: Making of Better Human Ecosystem: Issues and Challenges- Udai Pratap Singh. Page 12, Price Rs.10/-.
  3. ERPB-03: Eco friendly Development: Indian issues and Challenges-Udai Pratap Singh Page 32, Price Rs. 20/-.
  4. ERPB-04: Urban Ecosystem in India: Emerging Problems and Issues-Udai Pratap Singh. Page 16, Price Rs. 15/-
  5. ERPB-05: Emerging Potentials of Biomass and Bioenergy Technology in Indian Ecosystem-Udai Pratap Singh. Page 24, Price Rs. 20/-.
  6. ERPB-06:Over viewing Degradation to Indian Ecosystem-Udai Pratap Singh. Page 16, Price Rs. 15/-.
  7. ERPB-07:ERPB-07: Human Ecosystem and Biomass Resources- Udai Pratap Singh. Page 32, Price Rs. 25/-.
  8. ERPB-08:Human Habitations and Potentials of Non-conventional Energy in India- Udai Pratap Singh. Page 32, Price Rs. 25/-.
  9. ERPB-09:HIV / AIDS Education and Awareness- Aishwarya Awasthi. Page 22, Price Rs. 20/-.
  10. ERPB-10:An Evaluation of Nutritional Status of ICDS Children (6-72 months) in Lucknow City- Aishwarya Awasthi. Page 21, Price Rs. 20/-.
  11. ERPB-11:Physical Growth and Nutritional Profile of Lucknow Children- Aishwarya Awasthi. Page 250, Price Rs. 400/-
  12. ERPB-12:The Nicobarese: A Tribe In Search of Identity- Santosh Upadhyay & Rahul Patel. Page 295, Price: Rs.450/-.
  13. ERPB-13:The Human Ecosystem- Udai Pratap Singh.
  14. ERPB-14:Anthropo-Demographic Features and Status of Health Care Practices among the Nicobarese of Car Nicobar, A & N Islands- Rahul Patel. Page 44, Price Rs. 20/-.
  15. ERPB-15:The Marriage System of the Jaunsaris: Continuity & Change - Santosh Upadhyay. Page 35, Price Rs.20/-.
  16. ERPB-16:Disintegration of Polyandry among Jaunsarese - Rahul Patel (in Hindi) Page 15, Price Rs. 20/-.
  17. ERPB-17:The Family System of the Jaunsaris: Continuity & Change – Santosh Upadhyay. Page 25, Price Rs.20/-.
  18. ERPB-18:Anthropology at the service of mankind- Udai Pratap Singh. Page 16, Price Rs. 15/-.
  19. ERPB-19:A study on the People of Jamak and Baghiyal, the Garhwali villages of Uttarkashi, Uttaranchal -Vijay Kumar, Udai Pratap Singh & Vijoy Sahai. Page 56, Price Rs. 25/-.
  20. ERPB-20: Genes and Disease. A Review- Ashutosh Verma & Udai Pratap Singh. Page 24, Price Rs. 15/-.
  21. ERPB-21:Introduction to Medical Anthropology - Preeti Singh, Page 41, Price Rs. 20/-.
  22. ERPB-22:Body Constitution and Geomorphology of Todas; An Anthropological Study. Gaurav Mishra & Udai Pratap Singh, Page-186.
  23. ERPB-23:The Junk Food: An Anthropological Study of The Urban Peoples of Lucknow, U.P., Gaurav Mishra, Page: 140.
  24. ERPB-24:The Kharwars of Uttar Pradesh: A Scheduled Tribe on the Cross Roads. Udai Pratap Singh & Gaurav Mishra, Page: 220.
  25. ERPB-25:The Dermatoglyphics of Khatiks and Kumbhars: A Comparative Study among the caste Populations of Lucknow District. Manjulika Gautam and Udai Pratap Singh.
  26. ERPB-26:Swarojgari mahilayen: Ek Samajik- Sanskritik Parivartan ( In Hindi). Archana Singh. Pg: 120.
  27. ERPB-27:United Provinces (Awadh) Under British Rule 1814-1857. Ajeet kumar Pandey, Pg. 137. Price- 350.00
  28. ERPB-28:Changing Patterns and Their Effect on the Social Organizationof Immigrated Bengalis in U.S. Nagar Ram Prakash Price 35/-