Course Offered

Applied For the Vocational Courses:-

001. CDW/ P.G Diploma in Embroidering and Fashion Designing.
002. CDW/P.G. Diploma in Child Growth and Development.
003. EIM/P.G. Diploma in Entrepreneurships Skill.
004. EIM/ Diploma in Digital Marketing and Trade Skill.
005. EIM/ Diploma in Banking and Finance.
006. PHE/ Diploma in Health Care and Anthropotherapy.
007. PHE/ Diploma in Yoga and Meditation.
008. FSC/ P.G. Diploma in Forensic Sciences and Criminology.
009. FSC/Diploma in Crime Scene Photography.
010. FSC/ Certificate in Fingerprints and Documents Examination.
011. TSR/Diploma in Research Methodology for Tribal and Rural Study.
012. TSR/Diploma in Web Development and Designing.
013. PHC/ Diploma in Pharmacy.
014… Online Session for in Carrier Counseling
015. Ph.D Program

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