Course Offered

Department of Child Development & Women Training

The department was started in 2006 with the sincere efforts of Mrs. Anita Singh who initiated four courses on embroidery, stitching, toy making, and other hobby courses so that women of the weaker groups can earn their livelihood. She also started vaccination and pulse polio programs for the children of the localities in Lucknow .Now the department has included few more advanced courses on the burning issues of child development and women health and family welfare.

Beneficiaries of the department are downtrodden and weaker sections of society and needy women and children. The task of their development and welfare could not be completed in a short period. The department has accepted each and every challenges while moving ahead dynamically. The development of any country is not possible without the growth of child and women skills. According to this new concept of development, development is being evaluated on the basis of Human Development Index. This index includes infant mortality, mortality of children under five years of age, maternal mortality, life expectancy at birth, literacy rate and nutritional status of the children. Thus today several such paradigms are included in the current curriculum of the department.


  1. P.G diploma in Embroidary and fashion designing.
  2. P.G diploma in childgrowth and development.


  1. Nitika Srivastava (HOD)
  2. Dr. Nalini Shrotia
  3. Mis. Anita Singh
  4. Mis. Sandhya Srivastava
  5. Mis. Surbhi Verma