Department of Public Health and Environmental

Department of Public Health and Environmental Studies

The department advocates at the global and national level for the importance of public and environmental health through its policy. It accomplishes this by assessing and managing risk such as from outdoor and indoor air pollution , chemicals , unsafe water, lack of sanitation , ionizing and non ionizing radiation etc. It also attempts in view of formulating evidences – based norms and guidance on major environment and social hazards to health creating guidance’s tool, and initiative to facilitate the development and implementations of polices that promote human health in priority sectors.

Our staff attempt to identify health hazards in the home in their area. The goal is to reduce both environmental and health risk factors. For the examples they have work to promote sage house hold water storage and to manage toxic substance in both the home and work and place.

The role of the Department is to work within the purview of the Indian governments and WHO in view of to promoting a healthier environment, intensify primary prevention and influence public policies in all sectors so as to address the root causes of environmental and social threats to health. DPHE develops and promotes preventive policies and interventions based on an understanding and an in-depth scientific analysis of the evidence base for environment assessing and managing risks.

Creating guidance, tools and initiatives to facilitate the development and implementation of policies are the priority sectors. At the same time, actions by sectors such as energy, transport and agriculture are required urgently, in cooperation with the health sector, to address root environmental and social causes of ill-health that lie beyond the direct control of the health sector. All such vital fields are taken care of in the programs and currently running courses of the department.


  1. P.g diploma in Anthropotherapy and Health care.)
  2. p.g diploma in Pharmacy.
  3. P.g diploma in yoga & meditation.


  1. Dr.Anup Bajpai (HOD)
  2. Dr. Pratap Pathak
  3. Dr. Deepshikha Dixit
  4. Dr. Mnajulika Gautam
  5. Ms. Pankhuri Jaiswal